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Lush-0310-200x300Welcome – ‘Jingi Wala’

Mullumbimby Community Garden (MCG) is a not for profit, community based project of the Mullumbimby Centre for Sustainable Living & Environmental Education (MCSLEE).

Mullumbimby Community Garden lies on 5 hectares of lush Bundjalung country in Northern NSW. We acknowledge and respect the past and present custodians of this rich and fertile land.

The garden is a place of vibrancy, abundance, cultural diversity, friendships, knowledge, sustainable practices and fun. We have been growing since April 2009 and we now have a diverse range programs, projects, workshops and activities available for all ages, abilities and interests.

Our garden has pioneered the path for other regional communities wanting to set up their own communal gardens, and offers a splendid example of community working towards a sustainable future on limited resources.

We invite you to commune, plant, and celebrate with us.

Mullumbimby Community Garden is a project of the Mullumbimby Centre for Sustainable Living and Environmental Education (MCSLEE) Inc.